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Concerned about an Adult?

Last updated: 22/12/2021

If you think you or someone you know is being abused or neglected you should report it.

Reporting concerns can be hard and worrying for all individuals involved for example, you may doubt your own ability to identify the signs. However, it is essential to follow your gut reaction and make your fears known as soon as possible so that the right people can investigate the situation and make the adult safe.

If the adult in question is in immediate danger or in need of medical attention, or there has been a crime, contact the emergency services immediately by dialling 999.

To make a safeguarding referral about an adult at risk, or for advice about an adult who may be being abused, contact the Royal Borough at the earliest opportunity.
During working hours contact the First Contact and Duty Team on 01628 683744
Outside of working hours contact the Emergency Duty Service on 01344 351999

Or alternatively please email the Adult Social Care Services Front Door team at

If the adult is not in immediate danger but the abuse is of a criminal nature contact the
Thames Valley Police non emergency number on 101

For any more information about who to contact, please click the report adult abuse button at the top of this page or visit


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