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Multi Agency Risk Management Framework

Last updated: 03/05/2020

Our multi-agency risk management framework has been developed to provide support and guidance for everyone on how to manage cases where there is a high level of risk but where the circumstances sit outside the statutory adult safeguarding framework

The implementation of the risk management framework involves the adult whose situation and circumstances are the cause for concern – as part of the process; they should be empowered to participate in the identification and assessment of the risks and in deciding whether the risk is acceptable or whether there are ways to reduce or to manage the risk.  The aim is to secure their wellbeing alongside their safety using the principles of ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’ which may proceed in meetings among professionals without the individual themselves, as they may be reluctant to engage in the process.

The framework adopts a partnership approach in order to encourage better understanding of the nature and level of risk across all the agencies involved.  It assumes a positive approach to risk and accepts that taking risk can have positive benefits for adults.

In summary the framework aims to:

  • Ensure timely sharing of information
  • Encourage collaborative working
  • Promote the safety and security of adults who do not meet safeguarding thresholds, access services or refuse support
  • Enable adults to retain control over their life and to make choices and decisions
  • Support early intervention / prevention
  • Provide guidance for partners to call and manage multi-agency meetings, which can be called by any of the partner agencies and not just social services.

Examples of people who may require a response under the risk framework include

  • Adults who are at risk of exploitation and are victimised because of vulnerability, their lifestyle or specific needs
  • Adults who are not receiving support but are making repeated demands on local services
  • Adult survivors of child sexual exploitation who are at risk of further exploitation
  • Adults who have capacity to refuse support around issues which may put them at risk. This may include self-neglect, hoarding or exploitation.

To view the Risk Management Framework and the risk recording tool please see the attached documents:

Multi Agency Risk Management Framework

Risk Assessment document     

The framework has been available for use in the Royal Borough and Bracknell Forest since September 2018.  A series of workshops have been taking place across both areas to implement and support the use of the risk management framework.  Please email for details of forthcoming events. 

If you are planning to implement the Multi Agency Risk Management Framework within your organisation, please contact for his information.

Please also find our case studies below to go along with the introduction to the Multi-Agency Risk Management Framework:

The Bracknell forest case study 

The hoarding case study 

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