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Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service – Adults at Risk

Last updated: 02/05/2020

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS) can help support people in their own homes in a variety of ways.  Please see their website

The Adults at Risk Programme (ARP) is a training package designed for all those involved in the care of adults in the community to protect vulnerable adults living in the community from the risks of fire.  It has been designed for use by:

  • Domiciliary care workers
  • Carers
  • Adult Social Care staff
  • Staff in any other organisation involved in care of people in their own homes

Dates and booking information are available via the RBFRS website ARP sessions are available at a variety of locations in Berkshire and it is free of charge.  The aims of the training are to highlight:

  • The increased risk of fire to vulnerable adults living in their own homes.
  • The protection measures and additional equipment that is available.
  • When and how to make a referral to the Fire Service.

In addition, RBFRS offer free Safe and Well Visits to eligible residents to assess any fire risks, identify potential hazards and offer advice on fire risk reduction.  A Safe and Well visit will take place in the home and can be arranged at a convenient time.  To find out if you or a someone you know qualifies for a free Safe and Well visit

RBFRS are now doing the ARP talks virtually until we can resume Face to face talks. They do bespoke talks to teams of up to 15 via, Teams, Zoom, WebEx etc. or can invite individuals to one we are already running. Please look at the following link and pass the message on if it is of interest to you.


Please find the attached Threat of Arson (TOA) referral form for your use. Should you have concerns for someone you are working with that has had a Threat of Arson made against them or their property or are at Risk of Arson then please fill out the attached form. You can send this directly back to Liz Warren during office hours (please call me her to ensure she is working) or when she is not working or during evenings and weekends please call the number at the bottom of the referral form that goes directly through to our Thames Valley Fire Control Service and request to speak with our Berkshire Fire Service Duty Officer.




Links to:

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